Eastern Sierra Pack Trips

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1) Which of the following is best to ride in the Sierra Nevada?
2) Where's the best place to camp at night?
3) What do you do with your trash?
4) Why go for backcountry trips?
5) What's the best way to store your food?
6) How far from water must you camp?
7) Where's the restroom in the backcountry?
8) What's the best outfit to wear on the trail
9) Why do pack animals wear shoes
10) How do you mount a horse
11) Who would you rather see in a halter?
12) Where do the buffalo roam?
13) What's the best thing to use to catch fish in the backcountry
14) What type of fish do you catch in the backcountry?
15) Why would anyone go on a packtrip?

Thanks for putting up with our nonsense!